30Bat Gone With reset


In my brave mobile wallet there was almost 25+ BAT token, and they are gone after i reset my phone. But my Account is linked with uphold so there should be no lost of bat , so when i again linked my brave with uphold , there is not BAT seen in my browser. Please help me to retrive the BAT token.

moreover when I am trying to claim months bat token, it is not claiming the rewards, how to resolve? if i again uninstall Brave then again my BAT will be lost isn’t it?

  1. You do not have to “claim” your BAT with a verified uphold wallet.
  2. Any BAT that you had earned and transferred to a verified wallet is still there. Brave cannot remove BAT from your Uphold wallet.
  3. Anytime you reset your device, remove and reinstall Brave from your device or format your device, any BAT earned and not transferred to a verified Gemini or Uphold account will be lost.

Okay, but right now when i try to link with my Uphold account with brave, it shows some unexpected error, and brave can’t be linked with uphold, how to resolve this? tried reinstalling uphold. doesn’t work

you need to uninstall the uphold app dont reinstall it you need to use your browser to link you uphold account

Getting this error, after logging in via web

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