No receive BAT rewards , BAT reset on mobile

Hello, I’ve recently started using brave on my PC and phone. I noticed that I was not receiving any BAT on my wallet while on the home page it says that I got a certain amount of BAT. Moreover, on my phone I got a reward of 20 BAT that I had on my wallet but since yesterday it has been reset to 0 . Please note that I have not yet created a Uphold account. I would like you to help me and thank you for reading:


Hi Zair! You must create and link a verified Uphold account before you can collect any payouts from Brave/BAT :slight_smile:

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Hello Asad , Thank you for helping me !

Unable to transfer bat token DEC 5…BAT that are in my Brave portfolio is from Ads and unable to deposit to uphold.when try to deposit it takes me to uphold but does not deposit .


Had similar issue Nov5 and I didn’t get all my Bat.

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