30 BAT missing from donation

Hi there ,
I actualy did a 90 BAT donation and only 60 BAT arrived. Where are the 30 BAT left ?

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I believe Brave keeps some for themselves I also did some donations and not all the tokens arrived… sometimes i got like there was an issue and nothing arrived… I don’t know

Same here, haven’t gotten all of it. They say tho that a tip could take a few days if a browser gets closed too fast, like 10 days, im almost at 10 days but just wait and see.

BTW, I asked this one time and they dont hold fees for donations, you should get 100%

donated 20, user got 19… should be clearer on fees.

ANY ADMIN to at least explain something… what the hell is this support forum?
Not even any information on those lost BAT. 90% of donations have lost BAT ! WHERE ARE THE ADMINS? can you at least apologize and say we are working on it ?

Brave gets 5% as a fee at the donations.

seems you went to school :slight_smile: 5% of 90 = 4,5
90-4,5 =85,5 , not 60 :slight_smile:
Anyway this 5% isnt true btw ; i sent like 6 or 7 times BATS and publishers always had the exact amount i sent …
IF WISH AN ADMIN TO ANSWER , not people who dont know anything about brave and try to answer because they have nothing to do…

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