120 BAT missing from donations

Hi, i have a follower from my channel that sent me an email with print screen of his donation of 120 BATS i saw the donation did not had my logo next to my name, not sure if that is the reason.

my youtube registered channel is “buscando cryptodinero”


Another subscribers donate with no problem and the logo for my channel is there, are this 120 lost?

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Tell your follower to use Brave browser 30min to 1 hour… Definitely u will get all Donation…


yeah, after tipping, your follower have to used brave for at least 15 min. or play your video 15 min or more

Wow sorry to hear I had similar issues. When pushing the mobile reward program. I also hate seeing different downloads and installed values.

cc @asad @steeven for assistance here.

Hi @buscando.CryptoDiner,

Sorry for your troubles here! Has your subscriber confirmed that the 120 BAT has left his wallet?

Don’t worry, we will get to the bottom of this!

Hi, acoording to him he does not have the BATS on his acount, i asked him if he was not using enougth Brave but he says he use it normally… yesterday he watched my videos for about 1 hour to see if it made any change, the strange thing i see is that my logo is not showing when he goes to rewards… and another users that send donations to me they does see the logo…

thanks Steeven

You don’t honestly have to wait 30mins to an hour do you? That’s just silly. I mean who after finishing watching something (sorry if that doesn’t make sense), wants to unnecessarily waste time just for Brave to fulfill a payment, especially on a mobile. That’s worse than fiat currency,

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Oh Gosh! 120 Bat tips from 1 wallet in 1 day!! Big mistake my friend!!! That viewer should have divided the tips to your channel for 3 days or more. Brave can take it as self-tipping. Good luck!

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@buscando.CryptoDiner goodluck to your account

Wow I wish I had someone tip me around $24. They must really like your channel!

@buscando.CryptoDiner If you got many tip then Your account will be banned soon… They cheated Us by doing account blocking… Many publishers lost their account today

What Rubbish You we’re taking about !? They (Brave) said they didn’t know the flow of BAT from users , even they can’t able to track which user tipped the publisher…

1.Anonymous Contribution

2.Here You Answer Read the 2nd Paragraph . @ Avinash20

@steeven @Asad am I correct ! You guys won’t track off BAT tipping !

Does BAT tipping Is Tracked ??? He says The Account has banned ??? Reasons ??

Any References or Proof of Account Bans

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