Regarding Brave's plea for beta testers and the 4-wallet limit

I think it is also important to note that if you enable Brave Rewards/Brave Ads and create a new wallet in a dev or beta build that the wallet(s) permanently counts toward your 4-wallet limit for withdrawing BAT earned from ads to Uphold. It doesn’t matter if you uninstall a dev or beta build – the wallet(s) still counts against your 4-wallet limit and there is no current method to change that.

Like many other members of the Brave community have expressed here, I inadvertently used up my 4-wallet limit by testing the two-way wallet feature when it was new last year using the dev/beta builds (all of which I have uninstalled now), leaving me with no way to withdraw BAT earned from ads to Uphold from the stable builds I run now.

So beware before enabling Brave Rewards/Brave Ads in a dev or beta build.

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