2weeks waiting for unlinking devices

I m waiting 2 weeks for answer to unlink devices and a week from 2nd filled form. Since this time I could unkink 2devuces while now I have linked 1device working and 3ghost that hold slots…

same here waiting to unlink my devices

@NIGHTZNERO you have had your tickets addressed already – you are waiting for additional wallets to be unlinked. We have an extremely long queue and since you’ve already been addressed, any additional tickets are (as queues worked) added to the tail-end. We appreciate your patience.

@Mattches You got tools to unlink devices,if devs see that is a big issue with suuuuch a long queue maybe it’s a Tim’s to polish that tool and let users to work for their own. The 4device is a limit is a dumb idea and everyone agree,rather than implement a information “your wallet reached max devices are u sure u want to unlink xyz device?” And again I m gonna be in circle with missing BATs(guess so) cause we can’t do nothing more than be patient and wait,I know I m not alone here but yea that’s the problem people like me have one working device and we are stuck for Dunno how long

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Sir i am a brave browser user

but i have reinstalled my windows without logout uphold and when i try to login in new windows it says device limit reached plz gave me some solution it will work if i raise ticket for unlinking it will not affect uphold please tell??

Thanks for your feedback. The team is working on alternative solutions presently – all of which require a myriad of different considerations and any new implementation of this type will take time regardless.

For now, we will address as many as we can to the best of our ability and update you/our users when we have alternate/additional options.

Thank you.

my request for device unlink is not done can you look at it?

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