Unlink my brave wallets from dead browser installations

I have already made 2 tickets to remove the first two links to my uphold accounts and that are atleast one week old.

Is the support drowning in tickets or what is going on?

I dont use the initial two links anymore. Those links are to dead browser installations on wiped systems. If I had knows you can only link 4 devices I would have unlinked them before. Please, make it more obvious that the max linked devices to uphold account are four and that it is a pain in the ass to get them removed.

Thank you!

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Yes I can understand your problem

But you should also understand that brave support team have many many Tickets and our problems to solve

If you have opened a ticket for it so it means you are in a queue so wait some time for get response




Reading material:

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I just want to confirm if I unverify a wallet will that relinquish a slot so that I can reinstall windows 10 on my machine and reinstall brave and then verify again?
I also want to buy a new phone and reinstall brave, will simply unverifying wallet work to give me back the slots