Brave Publishers 2FA reset period extends everyday


so i requested a 2FA reset on my creators / publishers account, when i did this, the website said it takes 24h remaining. the next day after that, i looked back late night and it said 6h left which i thought should not have been left, but i waited. The morning after, it said 3 days remaining, 2 days ago it said 6 days remaining, and today i checked again and it says now 8 days remaining.

Why is this happening?

not sure. I guess best to raise a ticket at Brave Support

@Saoiray @SaltyBanana @Chocoholic @rodrige @Aman_M Anything to share so that this can be solved on community itself ?


Hi @itsandremov thanks for sharing,

Could you kindly submit a ticket to our support form and send me a DM of the ticket number and I can take a closer look.


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i am also facing this situation it seems to be a bug

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