22 Ad notifications received for rewards but haven't actually seen any

Hey brave users!

Loving the brave browser its great! I’ve had brave a couple weeks now and want to get the rewards for the ads but I have not seen any over the weeks I’ve been using brave, even though in my reward settings it says “Ad notifications received 22”. Is there something I’m missing to actually view these ads?

Here’s a screenshot showing my reward settings:


Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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@gsarvadnya would be of great assistance.

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I have the same question. My panel said 75, and in the minute I have been typing this is went to 76. I have not seen any ads. I must also be looking in the wrong place?? I’m in Canada.

@Goast Welcome to the community. Thanks for reaching out! Ads earning payout date is 5th of every month. Your earnings for the ads will be considered for 5th June.

Regarding “Ad notifications received 22” - This is the maximum limit for per day. 22 Ads are accumulated in Ads panel (attached screenshot), you will receive ads grants on 5th June.


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@oowefawe Thanks for reaching out! From the post what I understand is Ads count increared to 76 in Ads panel but there is no ads notification ? could you elaborate a bit on the issue, please?


@oowefawe @Goast If you are not receiving Ads notifications, but ads received count increased in Ads panel then this could be because of Focus assist settings in Windows.

If you set Focus Assist to Alarm Only ( shown in below screenshot), you won’t receive any Ads notification, but ads notification will be available in Notification Center. Please check the Focus assist setting in your OS.

In order to get Ads notification, please set Focus Assist settings to Off

Please revert back if it doesn’t work.


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Okay thanks for the help, will mark this as solved if I start receiving ads :slight_smile:

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@Goast Awesome! cheers:+1:

problem is , I am on a mac…in the US, and still NOT seeing ads.

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