November Brave Rewards and Gemini 5 BAT New Account Offer

Hello there, Support Team.

Been told this is the right place to report situations.
I did not receive the current December payout from November’s rewards (around 2.5 BAT) and also did not receive the 5 BAT offer from Gemini when i created the account via Brave Browser, two months ago.
I got the payouts from October and November from previous month rewards, but did not get this month. I did try updating and refreshing internal rewards page, but nothing changed. My Gemini wallet is also verified, up and running.
I appreciate any help resolving this issue.
Thanks in advance.

Hi, Support Team,

I’m having the same problem, not with the Gemini account, but with the monthly rewards payout. I didn’t received November payout from October’s rewards, and didn’t received December payout from November’s rewards.
This problem has been around for a long time. I have been using brave over a year ago but in other computer, and unfortunately i couldn’t backup the rewards i had. On April 9, 2021, i had 12.5 BAT. Around maybe July, I had more 8 BAT that couldn’t be processed because the payout date was always getting postponed, and then ended up evaporating, because when i finally got to the payout date that wasn’t postponed, i did got the payout rewards like it is happening now.
I’m not asking that i get my 20.5 BAT back :sweat_smile:, since i didn’t backed them up. All i want is to see this bug fix, or get an answer why this is happening.

Thanks, and have a good day.

Two weeks later, no help at all.

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