November reward not received, ticket not answered yet


Late december 2022 I still haven’t received the November estimated amount of BAT, despite the widget saying they are available. Uphold wallet has no incoming transaction since mid-november.
I created a support ticket in 22nd December and got a ticker number back. As of today, I still haven’t received any communication from the support. I know this was during holidays. Are more than 15 days a expected delay in this case.
December rewards are now being processed…

Thank for your suggestions.

The team is just coming back from the holidays. It will be a while to process and reply to the piled up tickets. I’ll advise to wait patiently.


DMing you now. Thanks!

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Same here. My brave browser said I had 4.something bat coming for November and I never saw it. Not that it’s a lot of money, but I’m curious, where’s is it? My brave browser now says I have 6.54 bat coming. Where are these tokens going to end up? Do they go to Uphold or Gemini. In my Gemini account I saw 2 deposits of .2375 bat for creator? I am totally confused as to what’s going on.

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I’m not sure either. @Evan123 could you take a look? Thanks.

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Dming you now. Thanks!

@Evan123 Please look into my ticket as well. Its number is 172171.

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you should see an email response from yesterday!


Hey. Oops, seems like I missed it. Thanks.

I don’t seem to have got the payout for my windows though. Have replied to the email as well.

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