2 of my Brave Wallets have been flagged

I put in 2 tickets on 7/21/2023 and haven’t heard back.

I’m also missing BAT rewards for June and July for all 3 of my wallets. 2 of 3 of my June tickets received auto-replies weeks later, 0 of my July tickets have received updates. I created a thread about the BAT rewards a couple weeks ago but no support responded.

What do we have to do to get help? It sounds like if a wallet is flagged we don’t earn rewards which Brave hasn’t paid out since May making it worse. On top of that, the tickets Brave sends us doesn’t include details so unless you keep notes you don’t know which ticket goes to which device. I think I’ll submit that as a feature request. It’s exhausting keeping track of all these tickets but no responses is salt in the wound.

Just a quick note, Brave Wallet is different than Rewards. So it’s not your Brave Wallet(s) that have been flagged. It’s your Brave Rewards.

Only need 1 ticket. Creating multiple just causes issues and contributed to substantial delays in responses.

When one of your connected devices get flagged, all of your devices get flagged. This was a fairly recent change. But yeah, it’s all linked together. So this makes sense.

What were the replies? Are you sure they were auto replies or did you just not like what they said? Brave only sends one auto reply, which is the one that includes your ticket number. Anything else beyond that is generally their answer to your ticket or is a request for more information.

If they sent you something to say your account won’t be reinstated, then that would be the end of things. No additional tickets would get you answers. So it would be good to get some clarity here on what you’re saying you had been told.

Correct. Then again, you’re not supposed to create a bunch of tickets. Just one. It assumes you know what you wrote in about.

Thank you for the clarifications.

The responses to 2 of 3 of the June BAT issues said I’ll receive the missing rewards in August. Sorry it turns out a CSR sent it, I thought it was an auto response. No idea if July rewards will be included as I haven’t heard back on those tickets.

All I do is click ads, same as always, so no clue why I was flagged other than for asking why I haven’t received rewards recently. Never had a problem before and wondering how much longer flags last.

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