Brave rewards profiles flagged

I have two machines which both got flagged for some reason. There should be no reason they got flagged, but it looks like I’m not alone in having this happen. I didnt get rewards for May because of this, and it looks like it will be the same for June. I submitted two tickets (203957, 203953). This was after submitting another ticket with no response from June 11 (200334). Can someone assist?


youre not the only one. In early June I transferred quite a bit of BAT to my Coinbase account. kept some and invested some in other crypto. a week after I moved my BAT from Gemini, Brave account got flagged, did not collect the 7ish BAT earned in June. no response from support. i assume it has at least a little to do with the SECs lawsuits against various exchanges. which is exactly why i moved the BAT in the first place.


Supposed to do just one ticket, not create multiple. People doing this is part of why there’s been such a big delay in getting responses. (just as a FYI)

When one gets flagged, all get flagged. You may want to check out PSA: Current Rewards Issues (June 2023) *UPDATED* if you haven’t seen it.

I’ll tag in @Evan123 and @SaltyBanana in case either can check it for you. One thing to keep in mind is Support often gets American holidays off and don’t work on the weekends. With tomorrow being Independence Day (July 4), that will likely be at least one extra day’s delay. Also if you haven’t, make sure you’re checking your Spam/Junk folders as that’s where replies sometimes end up.

Same happened with me i got flagged

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Thanks Saoiray. My bad. I created two tickets, as I assumed I’d need one for each machine. Noted for the future.

Same here, my account was also flagged.

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Same here my android brave required signing in again but this time i received the flagged notification, no idea why seeing as its my default browser with rewards being a nice bonus (although not so much now days) anyway now ive lost brave rewards its finally put a nail in its coffin providing me with the final kick to drop brave as my default browser! Brave you need a way for genuine users to contest these flags otherwise people like myself on the fence whether to stick with brave or not get the final push to do so! oh well rewards were great originally but with the crypto trends recently rewards have suffered too… So farewell brave at least until my accounta flag gets removed after being wrongly flagged in my books!


Same here. Didn’t received rewards from may and profile flagged. Opened a ticket (203286) on june 26 and still no answer. Can anyone help ?

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got flagged and they dont want to unflagged me even after the ticket! they think i’m a hacker or bot the system is bulhit

it can be hard to determine who is abusing the system and who is caught up in a false positive. I was flagged for months myself and it took a bit of back and forth here, on twitter and even some emails and brave talk calls with a member of their engineering team but they eventually fixed the problem.

does seem its more prevalent recently as I’ve been using brave with rewards since its release starting with first beta and for all this time I’ve never seen any problems till now and as mentioned ive not changed my use of rewards although i am inclined to raise a case too as my earnings due seems abnormally high for some reason? Does rewards still have that feature to view the months earning report? been looking for it again but can’t see where it is now l? it used to be under one the ads counts on the rewards page? What log entries would be worth looking at in rewards-internals? i see the flag event but not much else pointing to the reason, does the flag events have any sort of sub error codes flr different flagging events?

not sure about an in browser display for previous earnings, i look it up with my custodial acct at uphold.

Seems like brave is acting like those scam apps. Why flag everyone for no reasoin


it was in brave rewards some time back it showed you what ads you received and whether you dismissed, viewed or read. Its certainly doesn’t look like brave mobile has it now, i found it on desktop brave its called “30 day ad history” the only issue is its device based report so won’t help me view mobile brave ad history. Even so it only shows ad events nothing else to hint at the cause of the flag, perhaps rewards-internals has relevant events although i do not know what to look for. if anyone else can help it be appreciated.

oh the 30 day ad history? you should be able to get it on mobile. open the ad settings and use the … app menu to turn on desktop mode.

it is sad this has to happen, but yes, do not blame you.

I also am getting the error: Brave Rewards profile is flagged. I haven’t done anything out of the ordinary


Oh snap I never actually thought to try that on rewards page even though I regularly use it while browsing I just assumed its basically like an extensions content so assumed the rewards app on mobiles was cut down.

Hello there, I see I am also part of the flagged, I don’t notice any unusual behaviour on my side this month which could justify this and now of course there’s no clear process to claim the rewards we didn’t get for june, because I keep having ads during that time.

I don’t know how much it’s a false flag or it’s purposedly done :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Closed because people trying to use it as a “me too” thing. If you’ve been flagged, you need to create a support ticket. Give it time, it can take a week or two in order to respond. If it takes longer, create a topic and provide your ticket number. Support will get to you when possible.