Are you still waiting on ticket response? If so, read instructions and reply here

If you have created a support ticket in June for missing Rewards or flagged accounts, I want you to respond below with your ticket number and the day you created the ticket only.

This isn’t going to be a topic to complain on or anything. If you want to complain or debate, do that on another topic.

Keep this as a simple topic that is only for ticket numbers and the day they were made. This way it’s easier to kind of track for everyone, including support.

I’m doing this because some of these other topics got too much noise and kind of drown people out.


When things are working with no issues, the average ticket can take 3-5 business days to be seen. Then however much time it takes to investigate your issue. They generally try to finish quickly. However, this month has a lot of tickets and people who have created multiple tickets instead of just one as they should.

What this means is they have a lot of tickets to go through. In addition, they are trying to take some extra time in investigating issues around flagged accounts. The priority is on accuracy over speed. So do keep in mind you’ll need to be a bit patient.

Business Days

I mention about business days and want to make sure everyone knows what that means. Support rarely ever works on weekends and they don’t work holidays. So keep in mind that American holidays and Saturday/Sunday here in the USA will likely go without anyone from Brave responding to you. That’s especially the case in regards to anything on topics here on Brave Community.

Ticket # 199547 created June 8th
Ticket # 199883 created June 9th

why are you hiding my post? I simply stated that the response you get when opening a ticket for no rewards payout is this:

J (Brave Software)
Jun 16, 2023, 4:44 AM PDT

Thank you for reaching out to Brave Support.

Sometimes your Brave Rewards profiles can be “flagged”. That usually means our systems noticed some irregular activity associated with Brave Ads. “Irregular activity” is activity that would be considered unusual compared to an ordinary person using Brave Ads as part of their overall, everyday browsing experience.

We have reviewed the flag, and your Rewards profiles will not be reinstated. They will remain flagged. Please note, flagged profiles are ineligible for payouts.

Thank you,

Brave Support

STOP HIDING MY COMMENTS. What are you trying to hide here? What the heck is going on with BRAVE?

keeps hiding my comments for no reason

Well, I’m still waiting for a response to my ticket… 201328 of June 16.

Those responsible for this, read this forum?

Ticket number 202451, June 21st (EDIT) This ticket has been resolved as of July 10th. This ticket involved Uphold Brave accounts.

Ticket number 202528, June 22nd

Ticket #200849, June 14.

Ticket #200510, first opened June 12{/del>

I’ve been waiting 2 weeks today. Ticket # 199520, created June 8, 2023. They have responded to me by email, but it’s been two weeks without a resolution.

No ad revenue from me until a resolution is reached. I’ve turned ads off on my two affected devices.

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Ticket number 199988, June 10.

Oh yeah, I’ll clarify in my original post as well. But want to remind everyone that Support rarely works on the weekends. It is currently Friday night. So don’t expect anything for the next few days.

Support is aware of this topic and will be checking on tickets as they get opportunities.

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Ticket #201597 creado el 17 de junio

Ticket #199761

Created June 09th.

Ticket is 201523 created June 17th - resolved

Ticket #202511, June 22

Ticket #200572, June 12.

I found out after submitting the tickets that every device had been flagged. My ticket was resolved June 27, and everything was unflagged.

Ticket #201898 created June 19
Ticket #201718 created June 18

200664 June 13th
202074 June 20th

Ticket #200943, Created Jun 15, 12:15 AM (Australian Time)
I have not created a second-ticket

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