2.5 BAT for clicking on 5 adds per Hour for a month

I must be doing something wrong. I have the ads set to 5 ads per hour and im on my PC all day every day so after clicking on ad after ad after ad i was looking forward to my April rewards. On the 6th April in comes my email stating i have earned 2.5BAT not worth the effort i had put in at all.

Some ads like the Amazon ones i actually did buy things so my question is. Is 2.5BAT correct for 100s maybe 1000s of ad views? If so then it’s not for me, my time is worth more than that.

Some ads pay more than others, for example in the last month i see 59 ads and they pay me 1.7BATs

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Thanks for replying
So sounds like i’m doing everything right then. i was wondering if i was closing the ad window to fast or not scrolling down the page far enough etc…

I honestly do not know how they detect it, maybe only matter the click or wait some second; I click the ad wait for the page to load, I wait a few seconds and then I close.
With a few seconds I mean 5, you can check if it works opening another window and looking at the estimated income.

For the record, you do not have to click on an ad to earn from it. You earn for simply having the ad appear as a notification.

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