Is my attention worth less now?

I signed up for Brave 2 months ago and I was getting 0.01 BAT for every advertisement. I only got 5 advertisements per hour maximum. Thus I would get 0.05 BAT per hour.

Now I only get 0.005 for every advertisement. Now I get 0.025 BAT per hour.

Why has this dropped by 50%? I like the Brave browser but if this is normal then this isn’t really all that enticing anymore.

@zlk2000, Every ads have different value for example notifications and tab ads and yes Brave changes the value for example if bat value gets high then you’ll receive less bats and if the bat value gets low then you’ll receive more bats.

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Thank you. I dont think I get any rewards for notification or tab values. Usually i’ll get several ads but when i look in my rewards, i dont get anything for them. i only get ads when i get an add in the browser itself like a website. Is this your experience? I have actually bought items through the ads themselves so they do work.

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