Ad count for September and the total BAT


After the mid month payout and estimation drop, I’m trying to figure out if they are correct. These are my ad counts for September and the total BAT I have left in estimated.

Computer 1 230 ads = 6.360 BAT
Computer 2 246 ads = 6.140 BAT um, 16 ads more but less BAT?
Computer 3 286 ads = 7.660 BAT

I’ve started to distrust the whole system, in my eyes it feels they’ve given with one hand and taken with the other.

Please if you are having a similar feeling please share ad count and estimated.

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Yeah, I also have the same problem. I thought the mid-month payout was to cover the August payment anomaly. Now my estimated has reduced significantly.
Viewed 223 ads = 4.685 BAT. I hope these guys will fix the anomalies


Well, I’ve been told that everything is OK and everything is has it should be. This is why I’ve brought it up, didn’t know if it was just me.

With these maths if you get another 7 ads that should get you 1.675 BAT bringing you to 6.360 but if you view another 16 you will lose 0.220. Is it just me or doesn’t that make no sense.

It’s bad enough not getting paid for the sponsored pages…cos I’ve had exactly the estimated rewards paid out and why is it we have no way of seeing how many or how much we are getting for the sponsored ads?

I’m posting basically to see if others are having the same issues and to hopefully come to an answer for myself to either turn the reward system off all together and just use the browser, I don’t mind using the browser, had no trouble with that, I only used the rewards system to support the browser and to earn a little. The more people get sick of having to constantly come here and get no where, they will start turning the system off in my opinion.

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I have the same issue for months and still no resolve.

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