Zero Results: Sampson Brave Ads Catalog Viewer

It’s been several days the Sampson’s catalog viewer is not showing any campaign for me.

Are you guys also facing this issue?

In my case the site is unable to request the catalog which returns: Cross-Origin Resource Sharing error: MissingAllowOriginHeader

Tried with different browsers and devices.


I see the same thing — I’ll reach out. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

Apologies for the interruption to this page. This is a side-project of mine, and not an official Brave offering. As a result, it looks like a recent security-update to the endpoint which serves the catalog may have broken my site :blush: I’ll take a closer look and see if there’s something that can be done in the immediate future.


same here ,facing same problem ,and i aslo stopped receving news ad ,but now i getting many notification ad

thanks bro ,i didnt knew that its your

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