Is anybody else receiving no ad campaigns all of a sudden?

I checked past midnight today and thought that there might be new campaigns going but as of today there are still zero pop up ads or sponsored images ,like on it literally says zero and ive never seen that before,I wanted to know if anybody else is experiencing this or if this is because of this whole new region restriction thing.


I checked the availability of ads in my region and others using VPN (USA, Romania, Netherlands, Germany). No ads are found in my region and the others; I think the website is down or malfunctioning.

hey thanks i seem to think so too, I just tried viewing an ad and I actually did get one but when I visit it says theres no ads in my region too so ye,maybe thats the case,

I am in the US on a Windows 11 desktop and I have had 29 ads today. Sounds like it is a regional problem. Edit: Make that 30, got one wile typing this!

check here

Just a FYI… I received 50 ads yesterday and 47 the day before. So definitely working fine for me in the US.

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