Not seeing ad campaigns in regional catalog viewer (England, UK)

Hello all

I am not seeing any ads in the regional catalog viewer (v2) brave sampson. Also not receiving any ads, and new tabs page ads seem stuck and not refreshing.

Is this normal is my first question, and my second question is, if not, how can this be resolved?

Cheers and beers on,

The Website seems to be malfunctioning since a few days. @mattches has noted this already and will report this to @sampson hopefully. Let’s see how soon this is fixed!

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ah, thanks, thought there was something wrong at my end, cheers for the reply!

Ahh lol, that’s what I thought too. I searched on the community and could find similar posts that confirmed my suspicion!

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Cheers, glad to hear its not just me and that sampson is aware of it. Thanks.

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