How to match Ads Catalog?

Dear Brave Team,

thanks in advance for your work, you are great!
As briefly as possible, here it goes:

I am using:
Brave 1.21.73 Chromium: 89.0.4389.72 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Revision 3f345f156bfd157bd1bea06310e55f3fb2490359-refs/branch-heads/4389@{#1393}
OS Windows 10 OS Version 1909 (Build 18363.1379)

Problem: The Brave Ads come with quite some irregularity one day I get some but then I get none for the next 3 days, and then again and so on.

I read in your posts somehwere that this behaviour is normal, that’s ok, but then you mentioned that we only get ads if the system finds a match for it in the ads catalog, so here is my question, how does that work?

I suspect I am my own problem, I have many things disabled on brave, google push notifications, saving account, address or passwords. No fb, linkedIn or twitter buttons allowed and on top of that, I use a VPN (always connected to a supported country, and I am also in a supported one) and clear my browsing data regularly.

How does Brave know what ads of the catalog apply to me and what would you recommed me to be able to get more ads/match the catalog?

I suspect knowing that would help a lot of people with their ads problems.

People run away from ads all over the internet, but with brave, people run after them :smiley:
Thanks again in advance and keep the good work!

Sweet greetings,

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Thanks for the kind words and great write up!
We actually have this information available already – I believe this should answer most of your questions :slight_smile: :

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Hello mattches,

thanks for your quick answer, yeah the article answered my questions about the ads catalog :+1:
I wish you guys the best and am looking forward to see Brave growing and developing as the top browser on the Internet, I am in!


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