Ad Catalogue Empty

Hi! I’ve stopped seeing brave ads and found out that the catalogue is empty.

OS: Windows 10
Browser wallet: Not verified as I am below 25 BAT

Not using VPN

Country: Singapore

Appreciate all help!

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Check this link

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The page is populated with campaigns

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Then, there is still a issue here? I believe the link you were used is no longer maintained

The ad catalog used to be stored in a JSON file until about mid January when it was moved to a SQLITE database.

oh the link you provide shows ad campaigns now. I will monitor to see if I receive any ads.

Hmm, still not seeing any ads. I’ve tried everything on the windows side as previously posted (notification, focus mode etc), have no vpn on etc. Any help?

I haven’t received any ad today too, seems like a new villainous bug has appeared :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: lets be patient and wait for the team to do his job.

I already contacted with a team member, waiting for his answer.

edit: just got one… weird

did he say if there was an issue? Still not receiving ads

I think it was a fake alarm, in my side everything started to work normally again.
take a look a this article, it can help you determine what could be causing your issue

Edit just got one, my bad. This is my first in 2 days though. So there was definitely a problem but I guess it’s solved?

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for now keep an eye on it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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