ZebPay Gets Logged out automatically?

My custodial account git logged out automatically. I have attached a screenshot herewith.

What Operating System and Brave version are you using? Version 1.58.137 Chromium:117.0.5938.153

Who is your verified custodian?ZebPay

Are you in a supported region? Yes

@Sumanths1312 this is known and intended. All of us always get logged out, whether it be Gemini, Uphold, or elsewhere. Unfortunately ZebPay is having it log out users in a matter of days compared to the other platforms keep you in for months.

When you get logged out, it’s just preventing people from sending tips or from seeing what balance you have in ZebPay. You should still continue to see your Estimated Earnings increased and payments should still arrive.

now it is getting logged out daily so shall I connect once in a month to get rewards withdrawn
Is it ok?

No you wont get any ads if there is no custodian wallet…

I have to login every 24 hours in all my PC/Mobile.
Hopefully brave and zebpay will fix this.

@Sumanths1312 @suhasnrao04 @Sanjay39

Let me explain this again. When you have Rewards, there is a “front end” and a “back end” connection. When you first connect, it does both. Generally places like Uphold and Gemini would disconnect on the “front end” every 90-120 days. However, you would remain connected on the “back end” and be able to receive payments.

Front End = Displays your BAT balance that is in your custodial account and gives you access to be able to tip from that balance.

Back End = Enables Brave to be able to make deposits to your account and to withdraw for auto-contribute and all.

What you see when it’s disconnecting you and no longer showing your balance is “front end” only. You should still remain connected on the “back end.” You should see estimated earnings increase and receive payments as long as things are working as intended.


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