Frequent automatic log out of zebpay

i connected my zebpay account to brave browser on both laptop and smartphone. The problem is zebpay account frequently logs out ( unlinked from brave browser ). i have to login again everytime, but in 1 or 2 days it logs out again.
Please fix this problem

In laptop:
Windows 11 operating system
Brave browser: version

in India

In Smartphone:
Android 13
Brave private web browser ( not beta, nightly or anything ): version 1.61.100

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@Saoiray any help for this above matter?

And i did not get any reply from Brave developers :unamused:

i don’t think they will but this is common this will not affect your earning i think this is just a bug i only connected it once but it still give bat at my wallet jut connect it once a month and its good to go

@vishwanthS this is known and eventually getting worked on. What’s happening is it just logs you out on the client side. In other words, it’s logging out so whoever is using your device can’t see how much BAT you have in ZebPay. If I recall, it prevents anyone from tipping as well while you’re logged out.

On the back end, you remain connected. It just is the little widget display in the browser logged out. This means you’ll continue to earn and receive payments. You don’t have to keep logging in.

That’s Chromium version, not Brave. Should have been like 1.61.xx+

If it’s .100, then you’re behind a bit. They released 1.61.109 on December 21. If haven’t done so already, might want to update it.

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