Uphold verified connections workaround?

Hi all,

I have reached the maximum lifetime connections for uphold, and I have a browser profile that shows both verified, and then later will also say “Device Limit Reached | Your wallet cannot be verified because you’ve reached the maximum verified device limit.”. So I don’t understand if this wallet is actually verified or not… I have linked and unlinked accounts (before understanding the limit was a LIFETIME limit, not just an at one time limit), so the device limit reached is probably valid.

This browser happens to have the majority of my BAT that I wanted to push into Uphold. The weird thing happening is the browser is showing as verified and pulling my Uphold BAT into the local wallet, but it is not pushing the local wallet BAT into uphold. Is there any way to make sure the local wallet can be moved into uphold? Perhaps backing up and restoring this wallet to a profile that is accurately reflecting verified with Brave rewards?

Would appreciate any thoughts. Thank you!

If you saw that message “Device Limit Reached” that means that you connected more than 4 browsers to your uphold account.

You won’t get paid for new connections, you’ll get paid only for the first 4 browsers.

Currently, there’s no way to remove old browsers. You’re on the same boat as me, don’t worry Gemini is coming next month.

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Thanks for the response. Excited for Gemini - I can’t find any roadmap on that item, is it supposed to replace the automatic transfer connection from brave rewards functionality that uphold provides? That would be great…

After looking into it further, both wallets actually say verified… Is there anyone on the brave team that could help me figure out what is going on here? Hoping not to lose the BAT accumulated in Profile 1 - it is not reflecting this amount in the Uphold wallet on the uphold dashboard.

Profile 1 verified wallet:

Profile 2 verified wallt:

Sorry for late response. Yes, your browser say your wallets are indeed verified (because… They are) but that doesn’t mean you’ll get rewards (you’re no longer eligible for them, because of device limit.)

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