Wallet linking failed Your wallet cannot be verified because you've reached the maximum verified device limit

i bought my new laptop and installed the brave browser and now i have this problem “Wallet linking failed
Your wallet cannot be verified because you’ve reached the maximum verified device limit.” i only have a pc and android phone link to this wallet…
can someone help me with this?
I appericated


From the Brave Help Center database:

“the maximum number of Brave Rewards wallet instances you may verify or link to a custodial account is 4. This is a lifetime cap, which means that each connection counts toward your maximum even if a Brave installation has since been disconnected from the custodial account or uninstalled.”


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Basically, it is advisable not have more than one account so as to avoid the inconvenience like this one, just one at the time!

so there is no solution to this?

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What does it mean account? Like number of brave browser installs?

I just have 1 uphold account.
I’ve only installed brave on my phone, my laptop, and my old computer (3 devices).
I just upgrade my old computer and re-installed brave onto my new computer and I’ve apparently reached my limit…

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Yeah it’s so frustrating.
I only use my pc and mobile, but since I reformat my pc I can no longer link my wallet.
Hopefully they would do an action for this issue ASAP.
Most pc user’s do maintenances like reformatting their PC’s to refresh it up,
And some cases, to get rid of Viruses or any threats so if anti virus can solve it only reformat would do.

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Me as a person I am afraid to use various devices for a single company installation; its like using five passports under the same name, same person and I have noticed that people who use many devices like you ultimately come across a problem when it comes to the point payment, further more we are encouraged to use just one device at the time and make a transfer of our data when we turn to use a fresh device!

Same issue.
Using Brave on on two computers, but with nightly and stable builds. Had them all linked to Gemini.
Now I had to reinstall my OS and I definitely disconnected my Gemini connection before, but it turns out that is just useless in this instance.
There definitely needs to be a control settings for that.

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I’m having the same issue. :frowning:


Yeah I am having the same issue, I had installed Brave on my phone, tablet and my laptop. A week back I updated my laptop from Windows 10 to Windows 11 and since then I cant link my Brave rewards to Uphold. It says “Wallet linking failed. Your wallet cannot be verified because you’ve reached the maximum verified device limit”

Here is actually a reply from Brave for our problem.

" What can I do about this?

We are working on improved slot management tools made available in the future for users with multiple devices, or who’ve lost access to a device for reasons outside of their control."

I hope they increase the number of slot from 4 ASAP.

yeah, well it looks like they are not going to increase the numbers anytime soon. i am going to back chrome.

Hi all,

If you have reached the wallet linking limit, please see the following post for instructions on how to submit a wallet unlinking request:

For devices that have been reformatted or reinstalled Brave, this will create a new wallet and taking up 1 of 4 slots.

Hopefully this clarifies any confusion.

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