YouTube works super slow in Brave

Hey - YouTube in my Brave browser works super slowly. I was cleaning cookies, history, even reinstalled the browser, but nothing helped. If anyone has an idea, why is that?

My PC is Windows with AMD Ryzen 5 1600X, 16GB ram and Nvidia GTX 1080Ti. In the past, there were no problems like that. It happened like a few months ago.

Windows 10
1950x (16core32thread) CPU, 2080 GPU
64gb Ram 3 SSDs(Windows on SSD) 2 HDD
Internet connection at 300-500 Mbps

We shouldn’t have to use Private mode to view Youtube, nor should we need to disable extension-addons. What is wrong with the Brave browser on normal? Why switch to Private? Is anyone trying to find out what’s going on with Youtube not performing well with Brave?

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