YouTube videos are paused by default; pressing "Play" advances the video only with one frame

Description of issue: YouTube videos are pausing on the first frame. Pressing the “Play” button advances the video by one frame and then it goes back to “Paused”. Restarting the computer fixes the issue temporarily.

I couldn’t reproduce the issue using Brave Shields with both Standard and Aggressive/Strict settings.

Could you check whether this issue is present in another Chromium-based browser - Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome?

The same issue as yours: YouTube videos will not play. Stuck on Pause FOLLOW UP

Unfortunately I have no idea on how to reproduce it in a consistent manner either. It doesn’t happen on other chromium based browsers so I’m assuming it’s a Brave process that hangs or something because it started working again after watching an entire 4 min video by keeping the “k” key (play button shortcut for YT) pressed.


Thank you for checking. There is an ongoing issue with one Brave flag, although I don’t know whether your issue is related to that flag, it won’t be a mistake if you check it out. I would try it myself if I could reproduce your issue.

So, please check whether disabling brave://flags/#brave-ephemeral-storage resolves your issue. If it turns out the flag is the culprit, I’ll report to developers right away as they’re currently investigating what’s going on with the mentioned flag.

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Hi, I’ve disabled the flag and I’ll monitor for the next couple of days and get back to you if it happens again. Thank you!

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All right. If the issue appears while the flag is disabled, change flag’s state to Default right away.


Take a look at the solution to supposedly the same issue as yours:

hi, it just happened again with the brave://flags/#brave-ephemeral-storage disabled.

Regarding the Microsoft fix, it doesn’t work, all my drivers are up to date and the Audio Troubleshooter doesn’t find any errors.


Change brave://flags/#brave-ephemeral-storage to Default.

Do you happen to use any third-party extensions that could be interfering with YouTube in such a negative way? Could you check if the issue is present in a private window without any enabled extensions?

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