Youtube videos suddenly don't play right

Since yesterday, something happened where I can’t play Youtube videos in Brave. The videos play dark, flicker, freeze, and then the browser locks up. I can’t even close the window, except from Task Manager. Was there a stealth update that broke something in the last 24 hours? I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and it didn’t change anything.

did you change or check the site settings in the browser settings ?
did you try without logging into the google account ?
did you turn off or on any new extensions ?

Well, that means you lost a few days of earnings. This is something you never want to do because 99.9% of the time it doesn’t fix anything.

Nope. Last updates were for Desktop and that was July 12. Mobile hasn’t been updated for about 2 weeks or so now.

Btw, it would be a BIG help if you’d actually say what OS you’re on and which version of Brave you’re using.

All I can do is throw out a bunch of random troubleshooting steps really quick to help figure out what is or is not causing problems. Do each of these steps separately from each other. Only progress to the next step if you still have issues.

  1. Go to brave://settings/system and look at Use hardware acceleration when possible. If it’s on, turn if off and vice versa. See if it makes a difference. If not, go toggle it back to whatever it was on.

  2. Open New Private Window and go to YouTube. Does it play with no issues or does the same thing occur?

  3. Create a new profile and then test under new profile. Do you see any changes or does the problem still persist?

There’s more than can be done, but those three basics tend to solve or at least help narrow down the issue to particular areas.

The crashes seem to have stopped, but when I scroll over the video, it still turns dark. It almost looks like the colors are inverting. This only happens with Youtube. Videos from other sites play normally, and viewing Youtube from other browsers works normally. I haven’t changed any settings in either Brave or Youtube, from what they were before this started.

@Sliderider just to confirm, this issue has been resolved on your end? Thank you.

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