Youtube videos randomly switch to blue-scale coloring unless in fullscreen mode

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Description of the issue:
Some YouTube videos will play with/switch to blue-scale coloring during playback. This blue coloring goes back to normal if the video is switched to full screen, however the blue scale comes back after exiting fullscreen. This issue does not happan when using the desktop version of Brave, nor does it happen in Chrome mobile. I have a Samsung Fold 3, this happens on both inner and outer screens. It also persists after forcing a 16:9 app display ratio for the inner screen.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Go to
  2. Tap on a video to watch.
  3. Wait 5-20 seconds for color to shift

For example: I have navigated to several times and the coloring shifts to blue between 7 and 15 seconds into playback.

Actual Result:

When Switched to fullscreen:

Expected result:
Video should play without color alteration.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Brave 1.43.94
Chromium 105.0.5195.136

Mobile Device details
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3
One UI version: 4.1
Android Version: 12

Additional Information:
I started noticing this issue a couple days ago and for some reason it does not happen on all videos. I have tried to find an answer but there is no information that I have found that the issue even exists other than when I went to update the app there is a review on the google play store where someone commented that this issue was happening to them. I found a semi similar issue for desktops where the fix was enabling vulkan under flags. I tried this and switched vulkan from default to enabled but the issue persisted after relaunching the Brave app.

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Me too :frowning:

Just starting happening today (on zfold 2).

Hopefully it gets fixed in the next update.

I have the same phone, Z fold 3.
Tested a couple of browsers, and only Brave has this issue. Tried desktop mode, and the color issue was instantaneous instead of delayed. It seems to only revert back to original colors after going into fullscreen and then it resizes automatically. Some YouTube shorts are completely unwatchable as they don’t have a fullscreen button. I have actually been experiencing this since sometime last month, for a few weeks now.

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Same issue, Z fold 3, all other browers tested fine.

Thank you all for reporting. I’ve forwarded this information to our devs to review why this may be happening. It looks like this issue is specific to Z Fold devices (and or the UI version it’s using) rather than all Android devices.

Hope to have more information for you soon.

@Aldrea (or anyone), can you please try setting the Vulkan flag to disabled and see if this has any effect on the behavior?

@Aldrea @Falinos @Pandi any news about trying with Disabled brave://flags#enable-vulkan? We have a potential fix, just want to make sure that the problem is really in Vulkan.

Disabling Vulkan seems to have remedied the issue on my end. The video doesn’t have a color issue afterwards.


I first verified that this was still an issue with the video that mentioned above and then went in and disabled the Vulkan flag. Relaunched the video and the color did not shift. Watched about a minute of the video without issue, so I would say the disabling the Vulkan flag worked.


Thank you both for the update — glad to hear that did the trick.

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