Youtube video colors invert

I have found someone reporting a similar problem on Android, but I am having it happen on one of my Windows PC’s, and it only happens on Youtube. This system is my gaming system, running a 1440p/165Hz and a 1080p/60Hz screens. Both are connected to an EVGA FTW3 RTX 3070 Ti. If I have youtube video running on the 1440p screen, the colors of the video will invert. Sometimes it’s when something goes full screen, sometimes it seems random. It only happens on Youtube, I haven’t seen it happen on other streaming services.

I tried the trick I saw mentioned on Android post, and turned off hardware acceleration, but it didn’t last. The colors inverted again, and I turned hardware acceleration back on to fix it again. So doing that will work, but it’s not a permanent solution. I now do this a few times a day.

I do have another PC I run Brave on, but this has never happened. That one has a GTX 1660 Ti hooked up to a 4K/60 TV, and has never had this issue, or any other problem. Which makes me wonder if the two dissimilar screens on my gaming rig may be causing this.

Any insights?

edit I am working from home today, and it has happened twice without anything going full screen.

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