Brave Browser Rendering/Inverting?

Brave seems to be the only browser that will invert the colors in this web based FPS. It doesn’t happen all the time, the first loaded map never, but the same map in rotation will invert later. Some maps don’t convert at all.

Game is

It only happens on the Brave browser, Chrome, Opera, Edge check out.

hardware acceleration is on (I also get the low resolution test on pages, tabs, settings if on, not if off, but the game is not affected by this.

I’ve tried disabling the dark mode that others share, but this didn’t solve.


Could this be vsync, anti aliasing, nvidia.

It didn’t happen 6 months ago when I used to play with Brave.

I’m a bit confused in how I’m reading this. Can you just clarify for me, what happens if you have hardware acceleration off?

Beyond that, was going to wonder what might happen if you go to brave://flags and enable Vulkan.

Would try to update GPU drivers, disabling HW acceleration could slow things down on this site. ALso test in private window mode.

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I thought it might be attached to this issue with the way brave does this rendering on text, same thing happens with my SteelSeries.GG app (the only 2 on windows 11 to do this). If I turn off hardware accel, the text becomes clear again, always, but no change to the colors on the map.

Our map creator thinks it has something to do with this

“It’s only rendering albedo color. No textures, including any for the lighting or texture palettes.”

This is least likely, as a pro gamer I keep my drivers up to date.
Disabling Hardware Accel drops performance to 60fps, where with it on, I get my refresh rate at 240hz/240fps.

Oddly, a simple page refresh will bring the colors back for that map, but on loading the next, same issue.

Images of other maps with the same. Again replacing white for textures.

Can you see some relation to this post?

enabling vulkan drops me to 60fps, but the issue is still there.

Someone from the Brave team has updated us that it is related to Nightly and there is a fix on the way :pray:

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