Youtube Verified Creator tickmark is not showing and unable to tip to creator

I am very disappointed with recent changes in brave creator rules.

last year my follower was able to tip my brave creator account and all BAT tokens have received properly. but few months ago the tick mark was disappeared and my follower was not able to tip to my account.

after investigating to brave creator account I came to know that I have to link brave creator account with gemini or uphold.

last week I successfully created gemini account and linked brave creator with gemini. it has connected. however it showed warning message


afterward I have checked my youtube url which I linked to brave creator but it still does not showed verified blue tick mark.

I know that I am from unsupported country(india) for brave, but they at least given the way to tip the creator who are from unsupported country.

can anyone suggest any alternative way to tip creator who belong to unsupported country.

I’m not on Brave staff and I am unable to help you but I can understand your frustrations and why you would want to tip yourself to get around the verification issues. But I’m letting you know that self-tipping is not permitted (breaches Brave policies) and so any response(s) you might get here are unlikely to be helpful.

Announcements were made here, on Reddit, and a few other places. Do make sure to see the topic at [Action required] Changes to being a verified creator: connect a custodial account

And yes, you must be verified (with a supported country) to receive tips or to earn BAT. You can see the list of supported countries at

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