Youtube shows ads again (fixed now - cache clean)

When brave shield is on youtube blocks ad blocker.
When brave shield is off youtube does show ads.

Ads are shown on youtube in brave incognito mode.


Windows 10 Pro
Brave version: 1.61.116 Chromium: 120.0.6099.217

Screenshot added:

Go see the merged issue : YouTube Aggregated issue (Merged Topic) - #79 by Philipulux
Basically, clear your cache and it should work ok.

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Thanks, its fixed now.

is it just me or what Loise Rosman right about youtube is looking for more pennys because there failing and yes brave has been bricked by YT again

I guess users of youtube are discovering new platefroms (i.e. Twitch and whatnot) to watch videos/content.
Users fleeing the platfrom brings less money, and in a capitalist way, it’s not a good thing.
So, yes, making sure ads are beeing seen is a way to make more money with less users.
In my opinion, it just makes more users go away because.
I personnally don’t care for silent, side of the video ads. But when I listen to music, being blasted by BUY THE NEW RAM 1500! is not really a mood I enjoy.