YouTube Screwup

This just started late today. Every time I click on a Youtube video it plays some other video- unrelated with no apparent logic. I tried 2 other browsers and there was no problem–they both played the correct video. I cleared my cache, cookies etc. Nothing changed. Also closed and re-opened the app with no change. What’s up?


No I don’t have a screen shot. There is no error message or anything and it’s a video that pops up in replacement of the one I requested and has nothing related to the one I had clicked ont. The text down below the video is for the right video, but what is playing isn’t. The unrelated video plays and ends. It’s not like one of those messages indicating the video will start after ads. One music video showed up and what look like long ads, although the ad blocker is also on . I tried 2 other browsers without this problem. That’s why I think it must be some Brave setting I’m unaware of.


Not sure where aggressive mode is, but I’ve had this set the same way for months and this is the first time something odd like this has happened. I would think it was my computer, but other browsers show the correct video.

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