Youtube remembers my login even after disabling cookies

When I log in/out of Gmail, Youtube logs in/out too, and vice-versa. I didn’t want it to do this, so I disabled third-party cookies which I assumed was the cause, but it didn’t fix it.
So next I cleared all cookies on youtube and added to “Sites that can never use cookies”, but it still logs me in/out as usual.

I originally thought this might be Google tracking my ip and logging me in based on that, but when I go onto youtube in a private window (not with Tor), I’m signed out of my account.
This means Brave has the ability to stop youtube recognising the connection, it’s just not.
So how do I get Brave to do this while not in a private window (just for Youtube), and how is youtube able to see what I do on other sites even with cookies disabled?

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