My google accounts all get logged off

Description of the issue:
All my google/youtube accounts get logged off

How can this issue be reproduced?
Just by closing the browser and or sometimes it doesnt log off when browser gets closed so just turning the computer off solves it

Expected result: Not having to re’login everytime i want to see emails or youtube

Brave Version( check About Brave): Version 1.56.11

Additional Information:
So i’ve actually made my research about the problem and couldn’t fix it on the brave community web site theres something like this but not the same and did not work for me they said id have to go to settings>Privacy and security>Clean navigation… and uncheck all of them on when u close browser and for me it did no work so iam a bit confused i’ve gone so far has formating my pc wich did also not work reinstall brave did not work either, also checked my extensions only have google translate also tryid to set setting to default didnt work. pls fix or i will sadly have to change browser

Hopefully some1 knows about this bug

thanks -Sleeper_0

Yes, first thing to check would be Settings --> History --> Clear browsing data --> On exit and ensure you do not have anything checked off here:


Additionally, can you confirm whether or not you have Brave’s Shields settings set to Block all cookies?

Hi thanks for awnser i have checked and its on Block thirdparty cookies.

can this be the problem ??

lock fingerprint
Block cookies betwen websites

So that is the Shields panel I was originally asking about. Can you please go to any/all of the Google sites that are affected by the issue you’re encountering and open the Shields panel and confirm what these settings are configured to?

Thank you

Here is youtube

Do you have any extensions installed in the browser at this time?

i dont have any extensions

Does it work in a new Brave profile?

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