Youtube Player Issues (with Premium)

Since YouTube is blocking adblockers I purchased Youtube premium. Now the Youtube player has a bug where it thinks I’m using Youtube from a different site. The Youtube player is missing certain options and is not the correct player that should be showing on Youtube. This is with shields DOWN on Youtube. When I use shields UP the player glitches out and only plays the audio. The video doesn’t work.

I’m using MacOS, with Nord VPN, Brave version 1.61.100 and

Also, there’s another bug where a second player menu bar appears on some videos (shields DOWN):

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Have you tested with the VPN off?

Have you tried changing the region you’re connecting to on your VPN?

Brave is still fighting and winning on this. I watch videos without ads all the time. But if you have the money and prefer going premium, that’s on you.

  • Have you tested to see if this happens on Brave Beta or Brave Nightly?

  • How about testing on Chrome?

  • In private window?

  • In a new (secondary) profile?

I guess big thing on some of the issues here is having to figure out if the issue is with YouTube, Brave, Chromium, VPN, settings, extensions, or something else entirely.

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Gotcha, I actually figured it out. There was a conflict with an extension that was attempting to block Youtube ads. It works as normal after removing that extension.


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