Youtube over the last few days seems troubled

Description of the issue:
Youtube in the brave Browser for android at 720p and 480p every 20-30 seconds stutters and ‘buffers’ without buffering and plays abother 20-30 seconds and repeat. This is on wifi, 3 bars at 26mbs and 5 bars of 4G LTE network. I only say its Brave because in the Youtube app it runs smooth as it should, same area of my work, within seconds of switching and this seems to have started when going fullscreen on a Brave Youtube video, the top right 1/4 of the screen gets a flashing black box while the play bar is on screen. Has never been like this and have been playing YT in Brave since 6/6/2021 on this device. Could also be the change since the switch from pannel tabs in brave to the inferior squares tabs.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open Youtube
  2. Try Playing a video in 480p or higher
  3. Play it in Youtube app and it works fine

Expected result:
The video should play more than 20 sexond clips with several seconds of buffer between 20 second clips.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Application Version Brave 1.38.109 Chromium, 101.0.4951.41
Android 10; Build/QKQ1.200719.002

Mobile Device details
TCL 10 5G UW - Model T790S - Snapdragon 765G - 6gb Ram - 128gb storage
Android 10; Build/QKQ1.200719.002

Additional Information:
I presume its just a little issue on Braves end maybe the most recent update I dunno. I just like using Brave Youtube to ve able to hide ads

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First, try the latest Brave Browser version is 1.38.111 (May 2, 2022)

Try for brave://chrome-urls/#internals in a Brave Browser > New Window.

About that, @cobrax2 wrote, trying brave://flags:

@Taomyn wrote that another fix worked, going to brave://flags:

You might be prompted to Restart your computer.

If issue remains, go to brave://flags and search for Enable De-AMP and select Disable

Exit/Quit Brave Browser

Start Brave Browser

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