Anyone have a solution for stuttering youtube in the background? I'm using Brave on a Samsung A13

Anyone have a solution for stuttering youtube in the background?

When im turning on a song and its ended and youtube goes to another song, the new song goes stuttering.

I’m, using Brave on a Samsung A13

Thanks in advance

Same thing happens in my nokia 6.1 plus too

Very annoying, so far I have not found a solution, if I have I will share it with you all

Hi @Frank_85 thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Could you kindly share what version of Brave is experiencing this issue?

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I have the latest 1.42.97 Also this problem is common among all versions but lately has been increased so much

Sometimes changing playback resolution from auto to 720p works but again not a solution for the problem

If you are able to, could you share a screenshot or short clip of the issue?

Also running things on 1.25x or 1.5x also does that

Thanks for sharing,

Do you experience this issue on other browsers or is this exclusively with Brave?
Also do you have any programs installed or Brave Shield settings toggled that might be interferring with the video playback?

No I don’t have any other browser that has this problem my sheild settings are default. This problem occurs mostly but not all the time

It looks like a fix around this is by disabling vulkan in brave://flags

Can you confirm if that resolves your issue?


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