Youtube notifications in Brave

I’ve been using Brave for quite a long time, but I’m recently having back and forth with notifications being reliable. I really need the notifications to work reliably from session to session and restart to restart.

At this moment, I’m not getting any notifications.

Can anyone tell me if it’s possible to set it once and for all to receive, or something I’m going to need to address every time I update/restart/close/open Brave?

Thank you.

i’m on the latest version of MacOS 13.5.1 and the latest version of Brave.

@RobertRinCA go to settings ☰ privacy and security and enable use google services for push message and restart and then go to youtube sign in with your account then click on your account logo and go to settings notifications and then enable desktop notifications


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Thanks @Chocolate for your time, those are the settings I normally set and they unset. I’ll keep on trying, because I really like Brave.

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