YOUTUBE notification not work

hi brave,
i am using brave browser from past 4 years now i am using this version
1.46.154 and chromium build 180.0, i could not receive notification from youtube and YT site also didn’t ask notification option could you help me please and thanks.

Hello @prabi_003, thank you for reaching us out. Try going to YouTube and then pressing the Lock Icon before search bar and make sure notifications are enabled… Also, going to brave://settings/content/notifications enabling > Sites can ask to send notifications Hope this helps. Regards.

Hi @Jarc-1107
i have logged in my YouTube account and as per your instruction i have tried below this setting still YT notification issue is there,
setting >> notification >> site can ask notification option already enabled. and even search bar lock icon i have pressed not appear any notification option, site also didn’t ask notification option.

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