History not working on ios device


on my iphone x, ios 16.1.1
the history doesnt work properly.

example i often use youtube.com but as i type in the website it just shows some specific videos i watched but not the youtube.com. please take a look at the screenshot.

the history on my windows or android devices work just fine.

is this a bug or something i have to configure in settings??

thanks in advance for your help!

Hello @whyyouwannaknow, thank you for bringing this to our attention have you tried by deleting cookies and cache? Let us know if that resolves the issue. Regards.

@whyyouwannaknow What you’re seeing isn’t History but is auto-complete based on History. If you want to see your full History, then go to hamburger menu (three dots) on the bottom right of your browser and select History.

You have Youtube.com already showing in your Search Bar as auto complete. Then the things listed below are just showing recommended links within YouTube based on things you’ve visited.

It looks like everything is working as intended.