Youtube glitching on Mobile (possible solution)

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TL;DR: Try clearing browser history, cookies, and cached files. It got YouTube working for me again…for now, at least.

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I might have found the solution. At least, it seems to be working for me. While messing around with Brave, I noticed that as soon as I blocked all cookies on YouTube, videos played just fine, though obviously it signed me out with no way to sign back in. But when I switched them back on (be it blocking cross-site ones, which I normally do, or allowing all) videos were broken again. So I decided to clear my browser history, cookies, and cached images and files. After signing back into YouTube, videos ran perfectly again. I’ll return to this if the problem pops up again, but for now this seems to be the best solution.

I would test by clearing the cookies/cache on youtube and google, then re-login.

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