YouTube Fullscreen Bug

YouTube Fullscreen Bug


  1. Using Brave browser
  2. Navigate to YouTube
  3. Drag down, such that the top bar is hidden
  4. Press full screen video
  • Bug: Rotates and full screens, but does not rescale.
  • Expected: Rotates, full screens, and rescales.


Brave 1.11.99, Chromium 83.0.4103.116
Android 9; OnePlus A5000

Example Images

with Top Bar expected result

without Top Bar unexpected result

Further research

I have tried to reproducing this issue in several ways.

Condition Bugged?
fresh Brave install Yes
Background video enabled Yes
Samsung S10 Yes
Chrome No
Ecosia No
Vimeo No
DailyMotion No

In issue: 100322 and issue: 100171, user: sriram states that this is an upstream problem, and closes the reports. Assuming it is a Chromium problem (as reported recently issue: 1100252, and as far back as 2017 issue: 718392), other browsers have solved/avoided this problem, could Brave do the same as it looks like this problem is not likely to be solve quickly.

Feature Request

  • A disable auto hide top bar option in settings.
  • A fix of the bug.

I reported this to Chromium issue: 1107137

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