Youtube-dl built in to the browser

More and more content gets censored, content gets removed by uploaders or taken down by youtube.
To preserve internet and valuable media content I suggest to implement youtube-dl into the browser, in that way anyone can download any media file from pretty much any music och video website and preserve the data forever

I also had a similar suggestion. Have a reddit available for twitter links to nitter instances, reddit redirect to teddit and youtube redirect to invidious instances.

Imagine if you could download it straight to your cloud storage folder via cloud API. MEGA, BOX, dropbox etc…

Imagine if you could download it to your browser, MINT it on CHAIN forever on blackchain :cowboy_hat_face:

Add a button next to every video or media file that says = Mint to the CHAIN. You pay a fee and upload it forever onto the blockchain then you just have a aggregator search site for all the uploads gg