How to automatically redirect youtube links to invidious :)

Hi everyone.

I am a de-googler so do not have the youtube client on my phone and really dislike using the youtube website as well.
When I open youtube links in brave though, they go to the official youtube site. :confused:

I’d really like youtube links to (optionally) be automatically re-directed to invidious (an open source privacy-friendly youtube frontend).

This also would allow for to be redirected to or

The primary reasons why I prefer invidious to youtube and these above clients to are:

  • has lots of distracting/time wasting algorithmically recommended content/click bait, which can be disabled on invidious
  • intentionally degrades the mobile experience using annoying pop-ups as well as blocking certain subreddits from being access without the app
  • is slower and more bloated than and
  • doesn’t support background playback on mobile so brave has to use the desktop version as a hack, which causes often results in vidios restarting and is hard to use.
  • and have trackers/data collection which invidious and teddit do not have

An example of such an invidious instance is

I noticed that this feature has been added on brave ios, so I’d imagine a lot of the work to integrate it into android is already complete.
There are also a lot of people in this twitter thread asking when it will be added to android, showing clear demand.

There are also many people in this brave browser github issue who would like this feature added to android:

On brave desktop this can be achieved via popular extensions such as the following:

Thank you very much. I really look forward to this feature being added as soon as possible! Otherwise I might have to consider some browsers such as kiwi which support the above chrome extensions but are inferior to brave in many other ways :frowning:


There is a detailed issue open for this on github.

According to the iOS dev, it will likely not be available

On android, you can use Untrack Me from fdroid.

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