OneNote Clipper, Fullscreen capture, Download manager and Youtube video downloader


I’m new to Brave. Hope it goes well. As many there is a lack of extensions … and briefly seen some mentions of the Web Store extensions effecting the privacy of Brave … how much to that and is there anything I should check before installing extensions from Web Store Chome?

I couple extensions I must be able to use, or similar alternatives …

  1. OneNote Clipper. I used to use Evernote clipper, but due to their high fees I’ve moved to Onenote.
    2)Also reliable one click fullscreen capture, On Chrome I use “Fullpage Creen Capture” and “Fireshot”.
    3)For downloads which is important for me, currently “Chrono Download Manager”.
  2. For video downloads I HAVE to keep Firefox for that. Would be great to have a Brave alternative.