Video download feature

Please add the video download feature. If anyone wants to download videos from Youtube, this feature is very useful. Many browsers have this feature. This feature is very important for more durable competition. Direct video download feature should be valid not only for Youtube but also for other sites.


YouTube videos is prohibited by google…If they add the this feature may be there browser taken down from the play store.

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I can download Youtube videos with Samsung Internet Browser directly. Because, it has video assistant which allows download videos easily. But Samsung Browser doesn’t removed from the play store.


How do we add the “video download feature?”

Hi Ezizov-99,

I want to download youtube videos using the Brave browser and I am having difficulties with that. You wrote that to do that we should: “…add the video download feature.” Ok. So do we do that?


For Google Chrome and Firefox there are extensions.

Brave is improving, but key missing things like this will hold it’s popularity back.

Please improve the download manager . Don’t get me wrong , i know chromium has a download manager , but you should make it more robust like IDM on pc and ADM on android . It will be really helpful. Thanks.

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It’s not legal to do that. Some browser extensions can do that, but they’re not official. An official browser like Brave cannot allow itself to add such a thing as a part of the initial software because that would cause copyright issues.
You can use this web downloader youtube instead. It’s simple, and not many steps are required. You need to insert the link to the video, choose the quality you need and download the file. This service is a good one because it allows downloading high-quality videos for free. If you need 4k, you can also download it there for a fee.

@sasabottle Actually, this feature now exists for iOS and is in the works for Desktop and Android. It’s called Brave Playlist. On it, you can download videos and audio from any site for offline viewing.

Just wont work for things like Netflix or Spotify where Digital Rights Management (DRM) is required.

If it’s not too much trouble, add the video download include. If anybody has any desire to download recordings from Youtube, this element is extremely helpful. Numerous programs have this element. This element is vital for more tough contest. Direct video download component ought to be substantial for Youtube as well as for different destinations.