How can I download youtube videos with Brave?

Hi folks, I am unable to download youtube videos using the Brave browser. Is there anything I can do about this?

Description of the issue:
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. I have about 17 video download programs installed on my Brave browser and not one of them is able to download youtube videos.
  2. Downloading videos is an important and basic function for me and many others. Can’t Brave handle that basic function of a browser?
  3. I have done a quick search in the Brave community forum and I found other people complaining about the same problem but no solutions to this issue.
  4. This can be reproduced by installing any of many video download extensions onto Brave and then going to youtube and trying to download a video. One of the many video downloaders I have installed is called Video DownloadHelper, which works just fine on Firefox but doesn’t work on Brave.

Expected result:
Expected result: To be able to download youtube videos using the Brave browser.

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Brave version: [Version 1.0.1 Chromium: 78.0.3904.108 (Official Build) (64-bit)]

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Hello @explodingbee ! I am Acksel. I have tried experimenting with this as well. Looked into it, Google does not allow downloading of YouTube videos straight from extensions. But I did find a site that you could use to download them! Insert the link of your video in the search bar of this site. (I did test it and it is 100% safe. Once you insert the YouTube video link just hit download and do not click anything else if anything pops on the site. :slight_smile: I hope this helped!

Hey @explodingbee and @ACKSEL! Just as an alternative to those download websites (which I avoid as they act as a proxy service for something you can do yourself), you could try using the application youtube-dl. It allows for you to download videos from many sites (not just Youtube) directly to your computer. It can be a bit complicated to setup however I’ve included a script for Windows users that makes it easy (I can edit this post if you need a Linux based script).

Once you have downloaded the program, create a directory and place the application in it, then create a empty text file in the same directory and name it something like youtube-dl.ps1. This is a PowerShell script. Right-click and choose Edit, then copy and paste the following:

$url = Get-Clipboard
./youtube-dl.exe --format best[height<=?1440] --output "C:\%HOMEPATH%\Downloads\%(title)s-%(id)s-f%(format_id)s.%(ext)s" $url

After that all you need to do to download the video is copy the video URL and right-click the newly created script and click on Run with PowerShell. The video will then be downloaded to your Downloads folder directly from the website rather then going through a proxy service (which in most cases killls the quality of the video).

NOTE: In the script you will notice this line of code best[height<=?1440]. Set 1440 to your screen height that way you don’t download the best quality video (sometimes being 4K and up) and then running into the issue of not being able to play the video due to the lack of processing power to play it.

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But downloaded 1080p videos will have no sound so for high quality use 720p

install the below and you can pretty much one or the other will grab and allow you to download your youtube video. both need their destop companion but both succeed where most others fail in chrome based browsers.

Hi GraveDigger,

Thanks for the suggestions. However, I tried both of these and neither works. They both give error messages. The error message for Video Downloadhelper for Chrome is this:

Warning on Chrome extensions and YouTube

Unfortunately, the Chrome Web Store does not allow extensions for downloading YouTube videos so we had to remove this feature.

You can use Video DownloadHelper to download YouTube videos on the Firefox version.

The error message for XDM Browser Monitor is this:

Browser monitoring is disabled

Please make sure XDM is runnning and you have latest version of XDM installed, This addon is compatible with XDM 7.0 or higher

Hi Acksel,

Ok. I tried the website you recommended and (after a little fiddling around) it did work to download a youtube video. So I am glad to have that option. But we are still in a situation wherein the Brave Browser cannot download youtube videos on its own. We are dependent upon a particular website to do that. It would be better if I could just do it on my own, with just me, youtube and the Brave browser being involved. The fact that we are dependent upon this other website means that the ability to download these videos can be taken away or altered at any time. So thanks for providing this option and I may be using it. But I hope to find a way to download youtube videos directly with the Brave Browser. This is basic functionality that Brave should have if it is really going to compete with Firefox and other browsers.



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i have both xdm and video downloadhelper and their desktop companions installed in both brave and vivaldi and both work great for downloading vides. typically when one can’t download a video the other can. now that said i’ve had both in the browsers for a very long time.

Hi Musashi68,

Thanks for your post. I tried to do what you wrote. I went to and there were several choices of which program to download. I downloaded youtube-dl.exe. I then put it in a folder on my computer which I named youtube-dl. You then said to create a text file. You did not say what text program to use. I used Windows Notepad. I copied the text you provided into the text file and named it youtube-dl.ps1 and placed it in the folder named youtube-dl. You then wrote:

After that all you need to do to download the video is copy the video URL and right-click the newly created script and click on Run with PowerShell

I copied a video URL and pasted it into the first line of the text in the text file so that the first line read as follows:

$url =

I then resaved the text file and closed it down. Then I right clicked on it and selected “Run with PowerShell.” The program ran for 1-2 seconds and some text appeared and then it shut down. It did not work.

Am I doing something wrong?


Well, I read what you wrote but I also have my own direct experience. My direct experience is that both programs trigger error messages and don’t work, and neither do numerous other video download programs I have installed on Brave. I guess I believe you that you have installed these programs on Brave and they work for you. But that doesn’t help me, since they don’t work for me.

Hey @explodingbee, sorry if the instructions weren’t clear. Do NOT edit the script at all, the way the script works is it grabs whatever was copied to the clipboard automatically, so the URL you last copied should be what is processed by the script when you run it. Just copy the URL and then run the script (Don’t paste the information, we just need it on the clipboard). The only thing you should change is the height number. (This part: [height<=?1440]), set it to match your screen resolution height.

Let me know if you need anymore help, this program should work for you, I have the same setup on my machine.

rather the devs like it or not try vivaldi and or cent and see what you get. i’m apt to believe there is something wrong with your version of brave. i’m mentioning this cause there is no point in building brave up if there is a issue with it. another thing you could try is a new user and see what you get.

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